Best-selling author Hanna Sillitoe will tell her incredible story at Towcester Food Festival

Looking at Hanna Sillitoe now, you'd never guess she's spent most of her life blotchy and overweight.

From the age of 15, she'd been plagued by psoriasis, the debiliating skin condition which causes the skin to flare up in a thick, red, hot, scaly rash.

At it's worst, Hanna was plastered head to toe and had to cover up to hide the angry blotches, even wrapping herself in clingfilm to stop clothes rubbing against her painful raw skin.

Now at 37, she is the picture of good health. Long flaxen hair, skinny and tanned, she looks like a Californian beach babe.

She cured herself by transforming her diet to a strict regime of juicing and vegetarian food - free from sugar, gluten, dairy, meat and alcohol.

Her new book Radiant, in which she reveals the secret to healthy skin, is now a best seller on Amazon. She will be in the Foodies Lounge on Sunday to talk about her amazing journey.

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